Meet Brett

Hello, I’m Brett — I've grown up around boats, am a mariner and trainer who has known Tony Zucco of Getaway Sailing since 2007. Having so thoroughly enjoyed our sailing adventures, I am happy to help those considering such a holiday.

First-timers or day sailers often have lots of questions about new destinations, longer trips or cruising holidays that may be addressed more effectively with a chat or call than a “one size fits all” website or brochure FAQ section.

Though this website is the only place to check date availability, yacht details, and pricing, I am more than happy to help with other aspects of your trip, whether advance preparation, what to expect whilst underway, the many social activities, or delightful food and fun you are interested in whilst on land (or at sea).

I have sailed and travelled extensively and I am particularly looking forward to the Event Week Flotilla this coming year in Croatia — it should be a lot of fun and not to be missed!

Readily accessible by email, Skype, or telephone … feel free to make contact.

Smooth Sailing and Best Wishes!