Yachts for Solos, Couples and Friends!

“There is always someone onboard with your vibe!” 

We are experts in 30s & 40s trips because we are the same age as you and know that as solos you want to be onboard with a whole yacht of solos the same age. For couples, our couples sailing trips are relaxed with other young professionals. As a group of friends hire a whole boat and we'll tailor the itinerary to what you want it to be. Come on, step onboard and let the adventure begin.

Solo Trips

Hop on board The Mixology Yacht! Our solo sailing trips are about sailing, swimming and snorkelling by day and more of a dinner party experience at night. Exciting times await as you set off to a unique adventure sailing with up to 40 other young professional solo travellers. There's a maximum of 8 guests per yacht so you still have your own space and privacy. Which main ingredient are you? The Chiller, the Foodie, the Explorer, the DJ-Meister or a little bit of everything?

Couples Trips

You like to meet other likeminded young professional couples onboard and enjoy a sailing holiday with a twist. This isn't a party boat option. Which personality are you both? Do you compliment each other or did opposites attract? Our boats are a little bit of a mix. Likening our trips to a fine cocktail with a mixture of ingredients to create a full bodied spirit. Enjoy visiting a new island every day with plenty of activities for the seasoned traveller including a Winery Tour, Horse Riding, Snorkelling, Cycling and Walks throughout quaint cobblestone villages and secluded harbours. Try the delicious cuisine on offer with our group dining experiences beneath the moonlight enjoying the camaraderie.

The Chiller

You want to relax and enjoy the view, love people watching and savour the leisurely island pace from a distance. You want to laze in the midday sun beneath the clear blue sky and azure blue sea. The yacht is your floating haven. You really enjoy kicking back on deck and when on shore partake in a quiet stroll on the harbour front before cooling down with a relaxing swim. You just want to chill …

The Foodie

You enjoy putting your culinary skills to the test or you may be just passionate about food, looking out for that hidden little gem to put together when you get home. With Getaway Sailing you will sample the delicious fare of the Mediterranean at tavernas in Greece and konobas in Croatia.

The Explorer 

You are excited to choose the paths explored less by others. You are the person who loves to soak up the history and local culture. You engage with the locals learning about their preserved traditions. You immerse yourself fully in the whole experience, taking in the breathtaking and exciting world that is hidden away from the tourist routes. You are an adventurer comfortable on your own path, returning to the yacht with tales of your latest discoveries!

The DJ-Meister 

You have all the best tunes onboard! You are lively and fun and don't take yourself seriously. Full of energy and upbeat you are looking forward to sampling the coolest bars and clubs on the islands. It's all about enjoying life and living in the moment. Just don't forget the headache pills!

Whole Yacht Rental so Grab your friends …

Grab your friends as you share experiences on the ultimate trip! Your sailing trip will be what you want it to be while you discover vibrant ports and harbours and secluded bays together. Relax with a cocktail beneath the starry skies. No two days are ever the same…. 

You will visit new villages, harbours, hidden bays and towns everyday. Admire ancient architecture as we moor up in the afternoons alongside these exciting places to explore. You are here to getaway from the stress of big city life and we will ensure that you fully immerse yourself in the holiday with us.

Learn to sail if you'd like. There are many ways to spend your lazy or action packed days. There is something for everyone, whatever your mood and whatever time of day.