Indulging in a Unique Celebration


Indulge yourself onboard a sumptuous sailing yacht for a special occasion in the Greek Islands or Croatian Coastline. Our Special Occasion Holidays are tailor made in absolute detail ensuring your time is spent in luxurious, intimate and charming surroundings.

Looking for an original idea for a special event is something we can help you with. Whether it is a birthday milestone, an early retirement, special anniversary date, wedding or honeymoon, we will cater to your every need and take the stress out of the planning stage.

Escape to Greece or Croatia with us for a getaway to really remember!

Weddings and Honeymoons

The perfect setting for a romantic escape. Watch the sun set over the horizon as you gaze up at the dark carpet of stars, all with a special someone by your side.

Set the scene amongst a backdrop of stunning turquoise blue water and for lunch indulging in fresh oysters washed down with champagne. What better place to fully immerse yourself than on a contemporary yacht in the middle of the Greek Islands or Croatian Coast, adding to the mystique of your surprise proposal, wedding celebration or honeymoon. Surround yourself by the romanticism of legendary mythology, architecture and a rich historical past.

Whether you wish to elope and marry your loved one on a deserted island or simply abandon yourselves after the stresses of planning the nuptials, we can ensure all your needs are catered for.

Organising a Priest or Minister for your ceremony can be stressful or ensuring all the Wedding Party are on the same boat at the same time is equally measurable but this is something we can look forward to plan for you.

If you are honeymooners then we know to leave you in peace to simply relax and celebrate the union of marriage that has meant so much to you both. You tell us how you wish the trip to plan out and we will indulge you regardless.

This is the real Greek and Croatian Island Romantic Holiday and the perfect setting for special memories to be made.

Special Birthdays and Retirements

Celebrate onboard with the special people in your life. Whether you are 21 again and again, Nifty at 50 or simply looking forward to the retirement days ahead at a more relaxed pace, we can accommodate your party.

With so much to do on all the islands we visit you can choose the hectic party pace or chill on the relaxed vibe. See our Booking Info page to make an Enquiry.