Why Sailing?


If you're looking for a new holiday experience with wall to wall sunshine, secluded bays, a different destination everyday and a complete change of pace, then a sailing holiday is for you.

Whether joining a shared yacht or chartering a dedicated private boat, being on the water will let you see these stunning locations from a different viewpoint, allowing you to switch off, taking you into a chilled slow-paced world within minutes.

It is a cultural and completely different holiday experience, and all this from the comfort of your beautiful yacht or catamaran for the week.

To charter simply means to ‘rent or hire’ a whole yacht or just a cabin in yachting lingo.


Which Sailing Trip is The One for You?


The first step in choosing which type of sailing holiday is right for you, is in knowing which options are available. This brief sailing summary will include any terminology you need to be familiar with and what services are provided within each of those categories.

Read through our list of types of holidays to decide on a trip that is right for you and your travelling party.

Holiday Types – Sailing Ideas



Sail alongside other yachts on a fun adventure. These dates are pre-set so you cannot choose your own for these events.

Share-A-Yacht / Cabin

Join a yacht with other like minded people. Friends you just haven't met yet, usually in flotilla.

Learn to Sail

Ever fancied yourself as a sailor? Try this experience learning the ropes the fun way onboard beneath the glorious sunshine and visiting beautiful islands at the same time. You can learn informally without the pressure of exams on our share a yacht and flotilla holidays.

Private Yacht Tour Prices

If you prefer to hire your own yacht gather a group of friends and hire a skippered yacht together. Prices available on our Booking info page if you know exactly what you are searching for. otherwise please send us an enquiry form.

Special Occasions

Looking for a unique and special place to tie the knot or honeymoon? Visit our page dedicated to special occasions.

3 Nights

Maybe you want to try a sailing trip but are not sure if it is for you? A unique taster session for 3 nights may be the answer.


What Type of Sailing Holidays Are There?

Customise Your Own Experience

Private Yacht Hire with Skipper

Even if you have no sailing experience, you can charter a full yacht with a hired Skipper to run the boat while you relax onboard and off cruising the sparkling Mediterranean or Adriatic seas as you visit a different island every day. If you have a special occasion to look forward to, this can be a very unique way to focus on that celebration in style.
Customise your own itinerary on one of our sleek 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 cabin yachts and catamarans whether single, solo, couples, group or families, you can hire a private skippered yacht for a holiday around the Greek and Croatian Islands.

Pre-Set Itineraries

Share-A-Yacht / Cabin Charter

You don’t require sailing experience to join Share-A-Yacht /Cabin Charter sailing holidays. This type of trip will let you charter a berth (single bed) or cabin (double bed) rather than a full yacht thus saving you money.

Accommodation on the yachts is usually a single bed or double cabin. We, the sailing operator, are responsible for the yacht and the well-trained and fully qualified crew we provide. An important note is there are no security deposits with cabin charter holidays, unlike Private Yacht Hire with Skipper. Go to our dedicated page Share-A-Yacht / Cabin for further information on these trips.

Event Week and Flotillas

Event Weeks or Flotillas are a group of yachts that travel alongside each other with the same pre-set dates, itineraries and destinations. We offer Share-A-Yacht / Cabin Charter, Private Yacht Hire with Skipper and Bareboat for our Event Weeks / Flotillas. No experience is required for the Event Weeks / Flotilla, and for those with some skippering experience, the Event Weeks provide peace of mind that you have the security of extra support with us by your side.

The pre-set itineraries, whether you opt for Croatia or Greece, mean you will meet new and exciting people along the way. Relaxing with swim stops to the most stunning beaches and racing the yachts on Regatta Day with plenty of musical, cultural and interactive experiences thrown in. All this and more, ensuring you gain the most rewarding experience that the best memories are made of. Go to our dedicated Event Week / Flotilla page for sample itineraries and yachts to view.

Educational and Bareboat

Bareboat Yacht Charter

Bareboats is the term used where we will provide the yacht only for the ultimate adventure experience. This means you are the Skipper! It’s a chartered yacht with fully equipped kitchens (galleys) and safety gear. You or one of your group will need to Captain the yacht which will require a sailing qualification. This must be presented at the start of the charter period. As with all sailing holidays, food and onboard provisions need to be purchased by you. See our dedicated Bareboat Yacht Charter page for further information on this exciting Greece and Croatia Charter.

Learn to Sail and Boat Handling Course

Learn to sail in the loveliest classroom in the Western World! Getaway Sailing began as a sailing school offering Learn to Sail holidays.
Whether you plan to eventually captain your own yacht, help sailing friends or partners on their yachts, or just experience something different with a group or family adventure holiday, you can join our Learn to Sail programme.

Here is a list of what we will teach you:

- How to tie the main knots

- Fender usage

- How to prepare the sails

- Points of sailing

- Rules of giving way to other yachts

- Calculating the distance using dividers every day & estimating sailing time

- The correct use of mooring lines

- Anchoring

Part of recreational skippering is knowing when your guests or crew need to relax, cool off and eat which is why we take a break each day for a swim, relaxation and a healthy lunch before we up-anchor and set-sail in the afternoon.

To receive more information on our types of sailing holidays and special offers, please register for our Newsletter or enquire on our Booking Info page.