Singles and Solo Travellers

Best Solo Holiday Ever

There is something magical about putting people who have never met before on a sailing boat for an 8 day adventure. The atmosphere in the marinas when people first meet is very exciting. Everyone a little nervous, wondering who else is on the trip, hoping they will all get along, asking themselves if they have made the right decision in booking a solo holiday!

New to Solo Holidays?

The majority of our guests have never been on a singles or solo holiday nor staying onboard a boat for a sailing holiday before. They are immensely relieved and amazed at how comfortable and relaxed they feel with each other so quickly. Sailing together quite simply creates an immediate bond.

Unique Solo Experience

Guests who have experienced other types of solo holidays appreciate our team's approach, a fun and relaxed crew that have you in mind 24/7. The social interaction that comes from being accommodated onboard a yacht in comparison to other onshore activity holidays or hotel based solo holidays is unique.



Who is there for you?

Our trips are all hosted by an experienced Tour Manager in addition to our wonderful skippers. The Tour Manager coordinates the week and will also be travelling with you. Our onshore Getaway Sailing holiday coordinators all work together to support your trip and all the activities available throughout the week. Your Tour Manager will meet you at the marina on Check-in day and introduce you and your fellow guests to the team.

Like-minded people

We are the only sailing holiday company offering age specific singles sailing trips, which means you will be sailing with like minded people of a similar age.

We offer a pre trip introduction to fellow guests, though many are from different countries as we often have a real International mix that always makes for a richer trip experience.

Fancy a beer?

Sailing is perfect because you already have a boat full of friends you just haven't met yet! No looking for friends to have a drink with or wondering if you are going to dine alone. It’s wall to wall sunshine all the way, beautiful coastlines, stunning islands and fabulous swimming bays where you can swim to the other boats to share a beer.


No sailing experience is necessary, as you can be as involved as you like or just lie on deck in the sunshine and top up that tan. If you want to learn to sail we are experienced fully qualified skippers that have the time and patience to teach you ‘the ropes’ and involve you as much as you wish. It’s great fun, especially on regatta day when we race against the other yachts.





Lagoon 400 2015 Cabin Layout


Dinners are hosted and feel more like a dinner party. These are at our favourite restaurants chosen for their great location, ambience and atmosphere. Perfect dining experience for solo travellers.

Clear Pricing, no Singles Supplement

Our pricing is clear and there is no single supplement. You may however choose to book a whole cabin to yourself if you so wish although sharing is fun and creates life long friendships!

Small and Personal

Our small company approach ensures a more personal and tailored holiday experience creating the perfect environment and atmosphere that allows you to completely relax and enjoy the mix of swimming, snorkelling, cave exploring, dinner parties (the perfect dining experience when travelling solo) and generally having fun, as well as the added bonus of learning to sail which introduces an extra dimension to the holiday with everyone being as involved as they'd like to be (or at least getting a photo at the helm!). If you prefer to chill, watch the beautiful coastline roll by whilst sunbathing and chatting on deck with your new friends.

Our Experience

We have been organising sailing trips for solos and singles since 2004 so we have a wealth of experience in organising the ideal mix of Share A Yacht sailing. We have listened and learnt from our guests over the years, with many returning year after year. Please read our reviews and watch our video from a recent solo traveller.


Singles and Solo Traveller Reviews

"What a great week!! Could not fault anything! One of the best holidays and enjoyed every minute. Excellent skipper - so much fun, smiles and laughter, but also very knowledgeable and safe. Best thing - came on my own and couldn't have been with better people! Made the holiday! Great food every night, great stops to swim and explore. Something different every day. We even made a team Getaway Sailing dance video!! Thank you!"

Caroline - Durham, U.K.


"My sailing trip with Getaway Sailing has left me with memories that will live with me forever. A most enjoyable experience. I suppose what made it so memorable was the enormous variety you will experience throughout your holiday from: 1) been on a flotilla of three boats and getting the opportunity to meet different Nationalities 2) the fun of partaking/or not in the day to day sailing chores 3) experiencing the absolute beauty of the broad range of islands/restaurants off the coast of Croatia 4) the seamless professionalism of the Getaway Sailing team who make every effort to ensure maximum fun every day but yet allowing you the opportunity for your own space 5) the excitement of the unknown! I had so much fun all the gang from last year are meeting up aain for similar trip this year. Need I say anymore!"

Patrick - Ireland


"A great holiday! Perfect organisation - Tony plans everything so well to make you feel very comfortable. There was great company, a super group with whom it was a pleasure spending the week together. Wonderful spots and very good food. Excellent skipper who gave us the time teaching and involving us alot more if we wanted. It really made the trip easy and fun, and was a key ingredient in bringing everyone together."

Manuela - London, U.K.


"An amazing week from start to finish, was able to be involved with as much of the sailing as we wanted or could just chill out on deck. Great spots were chosen for overnight stays and swim spots, it's clear that a lot of effort has been put into creating a great week of experiences, in particular Korcula was amazing as was the wine tasting evening."

Alex - London, U.K.


"A great big thank you to Susan and Ivan for the best holiday you can wish for. After a rainy, cold July and August, I came to this paradise, met with a smile, all prepared for us to enjoy, sail, good food, small peaceful place. It has been an adventure, thanks to good planning, brilliant skipper and Susan always put us first so that we had the best memories of this trip. Not to forget good company, the perfect group."

Brit - Stavanger, Norway


"I knew this was going to be an adventure and it was absolutely amazing and fantastic! Gorgeous country and beautiful scenery. We had a super skipper who was very patient and allowed me to help and explained everything very well! Superb holiday."

Caroline - Edinburgh, U.K.


"Lovely trip. Experienced amazing wind on the first day, if you get some wind treasure it :). Also Ivan the beautiful pronounces his name Eevan, likes a beer and is a super-sailor and great teacher so take advantage of that too! Also the wine tasting trip is definitely worth it, best night of the week. Thanks for everything."

Lucy - Shropshire, U.K.