Get Your Friends Onboard this Summer


Who hasn’t dreamed of being skippered around from the comfort of your own contemporary yacht as you sip cocktails on deck with your best friends sailing from one exotic island to the next? It’s the stuff dreams are made of ...

Swim, snorkel, sunbathe and dive in to the crystal clear waters. Take the yacht dinghy to a secluded beach, read a book, laze about in the sunshine and then do it all again on a different island the next day.

Party Islands, clubs and chic bars await as you cruise into harbour in the afternoon.


The Yacht

Your yacht is like a floating home complete with cosy cabins, fully equipped kitchens for chilling the wine and beers, bathrooms, hot water showers and on deck shower to cool down in the heat, open plan lounge area to chill, then of course there is the photo-finish deck to enjoy music and drinks with your besties.


Our yachts and catamarans have everything you could possibly want or need.


  • Sleek and sophisticated yacht models
  • Enough yachts to create your own Mini Flotilla Party
  • Different Islands every single day
  • Qualified Skipper for you and your friends
  • Additional cabins with ensuite bathrooms
  • Wardrobe space to store all your trendy clothes
  • Fully tested safety equipment


You are guaranteed to have the time of your life whether you choose to travel to Greece or Croatia. Maybe you have been to these islands before but probably not from this unique angle onboard a yacht. We will take you to the most amazing places only accessible by boat ensuring you feel special on this trip and have plenty to chat about on your return.


Imagine waking up with the sun in your face as we set sail to another unique destination. Breakfast on deck with your friends by your side as you relay the previous days events waiting on the new day to unfold.


You and your friends can enjoy so many different activities as you cruise the coastline.Try kayaking through stunning majestical caves and national parks, wander through the cobblestone villages with your girlfriends perusing the many handmade crafts to take home. Get the adrenaline pumping with your buddies as you try some water skiing or jet skiing, taking in some impressive scenery as you do. Cycle through historical and traditional towns. Purchase some fresh seafood from the harbour stalls and feel the buzz of the nightlife as you hit the trendy open air bars and clubs before relaxing into your cosy bed dreaming of what you will do tomorrow.


Try a new type of holiday this year by visiting some extraordinary places in style with your friends by your side …