Questions to help the Organiser

  • How long has Getaway Sailing been in existence? +

    Getaway Sailing began in 2004.

  • Do we need a licence or experience? +

    No. The skipper has the qualifications and experience to sail the yacht or catamaran you book.

  • Do I need to bring any equipment? +

    No. All equipment needed by the skipper is already provided with the boat. The only exception is if you'd like to be involved in the sailing then you may wish to bring a pair of gloves.

  • Which months are best for sailing holidays? +

    The yachting holiday season in Croatia and Greece is from April to October. The warmest period is between mid July and mid August which is also the peak period when most of Europe is on holidays.

    If you prefer to travel away from the crowds, May-June and the end of August-October are preferable when the weather is still pleasant. We have also had warm days in the first two weeks in November in the last few years. 

  • Do we sleep on the boat? +

    Yes every boat offered for private yacht tours have onboard accommodation. If someone in your party is nervous about sleeping on a boat, we can arrange onshore accommodation at additional cost.

  • Is there a toilet and shower on the boat? +

    Yes. Every boat offered has toilets and showers onboard. You will be told about the number of toilets and showers on each boat during the enquiry process. The number of them is closely linked to the size of the boat.

  • What is a typical day out on the water? +

    On a private yacht tour you decide how much time out on the water you'd like each day and we plan the destination and swimstops around that.

    Our days are at a leisurely pace and we suggest sailing routes that allow us to take our time so if there are dolphins and turtles we'll slow down so you can watch and take photos or if you'd like another swim we can do that.

    Typically we leave harbour 9.30-11am and arrive between 2-6pm. We stop frequently so you can jump in the water for swims and water fun. Allow 2 hours from morning departure to a swim stop, lunch at the swimstop for 2 hours, then 2 hours to our destination harbour.

    For guests interested in sailing we'll make our plans around the expected wind speed and direction so you can enjoy being under sail for a bit longer.

    For our cabin bookings, the departure time is around 10am and the arrival time is around 4pm.

  • Will I be seasick? +

    It's rare for guests to experience sea sickness on these itineraries between May and September. If you're concerned, modern motion sickness remedies work quickly and efficiently within 20 minutes.

  • What language will the skipper speak? +

    English is the communication language onboard. For Private Yacht Tours please let us know if another language will make your experience more enjoyable.

  • I've never been on one of these boats. Do I need to be able to pull myself out of the water? +

    No. All boats have a ladder into the water that you use to get out of the water.

  • Where does the skipper sleep? +

    The skipper sleeps on the boat in a dedicated cabin. In limited circumstances on our group sailing yacht tours, the skipper may sleep in the saloon (the lounge area in the centre of the boat that converts to a bed each evening).

  • What days do your holidays start and finish? +

    Our guaranteed 7 night tours start and finish on these days:

    - Saturday to Saturday - Athens, Dubrovnik and Split

    - Sunday to Sunday - selected boats from Dubrovnik and Split

    - Wednesday to Wednesday - selected boats from Split

    For Tailored Private Yacht Tours we are here to check you in on most other days. It is practical for short trips to start up until Monday or Tuesday and we do offer shorter trips depending on availability so email us for further information.

  • Can you explain what a skipper/tour manager is? +

    Our skippers have all passed stringent government tests which allows them to sail these boats. The intimate nature of private yacht tours means that he/she becomes your travelling companion rather than just the skipper, which makes for a more rewarding experience. On our flotilla tours (more than one boat sailing on the same tour) there will be one or two Tour Managers on the trip as well.

  • How will we find the boat on the first day? +

    We publish the official marina address where the boat is, in the 'Meeting Point' section of each itinerary.

    We send you a detailed Welcome Pack with a map and a variety of transport options from all major arrival hubs in your chosen city.

    Some of our tours include Airport Transfers so you will have a driver waiting for you at the airport.

  • How many passengers can book onto a yacht? +

    For our group tours the maximum is 8 on any one yacht or catamaran. If you are organising a private yacht tour we have yachts and catamarans for up to 13 guests. We will let you know the maximum number possible throughout the enquiry.

  • Where do we eat evening meals? +

    Dining of an evening is mostly onshore. On some of our itineraries we suggest one night on anchor so you may like to dine onboard that night. Some anchorages also offer restaurants onshore where we take you to shore with the dinghy (small second boat that comes with every yacht or catamaran).

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