• Does the itinerary change the price? +


  • Do I need to bring any equipment? +

    No. All equipment needed by the skipper is already provided with the boat. The only exception is if you'd like to be involved in the sailing then you may wish to bring a pair of gloves.

  • What is a typical day? +

    Our days are at a leisurely pace and we suggest sailing routes that allow us to take our time so if there are dolphins and turtles we'll slow down so you can watch and take photos or if you'd like another swim we can do that.

    On a private yacht tour you decide how much time you want on islands or out swimming from the boat each day.

    Typically we leave harbour 9.30-11am and arrive between 2-6pm. We stop frequently so you can jump in the water for swims and water fun. Allow 2 hours from morning departure to a swim stop, lunch at the swimstop for 2 hours, then 2 hours to our destination harbour.

    For guests interested in sailing we'll make our plans around the expected wind speed and direction so you can enjoy being under sail for a bit longer.

    For our cabin bookings, the departure time is around 10am and the arrival time is around 4pm.

  • Where can we sail from? +

    We sail in Croatia and Greece. The main start points are Dubrovnik, Split and Trogir in Croatia and Athens, Corfu and Lavrion in Greece.

  • Can I be involved in the sailing route of the private charter trip? +

    You will be involved in deciding the route of the Islands and places you visit. The skipper will be making recommendations and suggestions throughout the week to guide and help you.

    If there is a specific Island you would like to visit during your charter please let him or her know on the first day.

  • Do I need travel insurance? +

    We always recommend having travel insurance but it isn't a requirement of the holiday.

  • What category of insurance do I need? +

    When searching for travel insurance for yachting holidays, we are not operating a cruise. (Insurance companies charge extra for cruises) and we are always in Coastal waters.

  • Is land always in sight? +


  • Can we learn to sail? +

    Yes. You can learn to sail on our trips.

  • Do you only offer scheduled departures or can we plan a customised trip? +

    We offer both scheduled and customised.

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