Accommodation FAQs

  • Do we sleep on the boat? +

    Yes every boat offered has overnight cabins and everything you need to feel at home. If someone in your party is nervous about sleeping on a boat, we can arrange onshore accommodation at additional cost.

  • Is there a toilet and shower on the boat? +

    Yes. Every boat offered has toilets and showers onboard. You will be told about the number of toilets and showers on each boat during the enquiry process. The number of them is closely linked to the size of the boat.

  • I've never been on one of these boats. Do I need to be able to pull myself out of the water? +

    No. All boats have a ladder into the water that you use to get out of the water.

  • Where does the skipper sleep? +

    The skipper sleeps on the boat in a dedicated cabin. In limited circumstances on our group sailing yacht tours, the skipper may sleep in the saloon (the lounge area in the centre of the boat that converts to a bed each evening).

  • How many passengers can book onto a yacht? +

    For our group tours the maximum is 8 on any one yacht or catamaran. If you are organising a private yacht tour we have yachts and catamarans for up to 13 guests. We will let you know the maximum number possible throughout the enquiry.

  • How are cabins allocated? +

    When boarding, you will be shown around the yacht and the cabins. The cabin allocation is for the lead passenger to decide and the skipper will use the remaining cabin. If you have booked a Skipper or Hostess then he/she requires a cabin to ensure proper rest for the duration of the holiday. Two crew can share a cabin. Note: Some larger yachts and catamarans have separate crew cabins and will be explained on the first day.

  • Is the kitchen onboard equipped? +

    Every yacht has a fully equipped onboard kitchen with everything - refrigeration, oven, stove, cutlery, crockery and pots/pans.

    The kitchens are mainly used for simple breakfast and lunch preparation, but rarely used for dinners because the majority of guests prefer to eat onshore.

    Of course if you decide to anchor on one of the evenings then cooking onboard is fine.

  • Are the yachts child-friendly and safe? +

    Yes. All yachts meet our strict safety requirements and have lifejackets onboard. We can also provide an additional child safety net to secure the perimeter of the yacht. This is available for a small fee. Please mention this at enquiry stage.

  • I am a single traveller. Is it possible to share a cabin? +

    Yes. On our group tours we match up single travellers to share a cabin. If there is no other male or female to share a cabin with, you will receive a whole cabin to yourself.

  • What is the supplement for sole use of a cabin? +

    Sole use of a double cabin requires payment of the second berth. We don't have a singles supplement and have bed dividers so encourage you to share.

  • Will we be living out of our bag on the boat? +

    No. All cabins have a cupboard/robe to store your clothes.

  • Are there windows that open on the yachts? +

    Yes. Every yacht and catamaran has windows and hatches that open, close and lock.

  • What living space is there on a yacht? +

    There are two main living areas on the yachts and catamarans - the cockpit (a table and seating area at the back of the yacht that you usually see in our photos). This is used as a dining area for outdoor breakfasts, lunches, and relaxing with a drink before and after dinner. The other living area is indoor (the saloon) that has a lounge, table and seating but is rarely used for that purpose.

  • Will I have Wifi/internet and phone reception? +

    Yes on the boat, and there will also be wifi in cafes, restaurants and bars. 

  • Is there protection from the sun? +

    Yes. Every boat has a canopy.

  • Is electricity onboard the yachts? +

    Yes and there is lighting, powerpoints and electrical appliances onboard.

  • Do the cabins have bathtubs or showers? +

    All yachts and catamarans have showers only.

  • How do we access the cabins and living quarters? +

    All cabins are accessed via a stair (approximately 6 steps) between the outdoor ground level and living quarters.

  • What else should i know about the cabins? +

    There are two types of beds in the cabins - double and bunk beds. We will let you know the cabin layout for your yacht during the enquiry.

  • Is there guidance regarding luggage? +

    The only guidance is to avoid hard suitcases and preferably travel with a soft bag or rucksack because they can be folded for easy storage. If you are travelling from outside of Europe, we understand that you need to travel with a suitcase so you may need to decant into a smaller bag for the yachting holiday depending on how many people are onboard. Catamarans don't have the same restrictions, and our welcome pack will provide more specifics based on your start marina.

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