Yacht Charter from Skiathos

The Sporades Islands

The Sporades Islands, or Northern Sporades Islands, are a group of 11 islands situated just off the Eastern shore of Greece. Of these islands, five of them are inhabited, and each offers a unique experience to the visitor. Renowned for their lush vegetation, Mediterranean climate, and impeccable seas, the Sporades provide visitors with a superb holiday destination. Director Tom Hanks filmed a lot of the screen version of the Abba musical “Mamma Mia” on the Islands of Skiathos and Skopelos.

The best way to visit the islands is with your own boat. Some of the beaches and villages surrounding the inhabited islands are considered among the best in world, but they are also heavily visited because of this. With very little travel it is possible to set down at remote and equally beautiful anchorages where you will see very few, or no people.

Surrounding these beautiful islands is the National Marine Park of Alonissos in the Northern Sporades or NMPANS for short. This national park was established in 1992 in a bid to preserve some species that were close to extinction. The Mediterranean Monk Seal is of particular interest, but while the park is home to the largest population in the Mediterranean this is still only equivalent to around 50 of the Monk Seal.


The South East of Alonissos provides a number of anchorages for secluded stays. A population of farmers and fishermen inhabit the island, which features a string of hills circumventing the island. The tallest peak of these hills is Mount Kouvouli. As well as being a secluded getaway, Alonissos offers a rich vein of historical sites including neolithic settlements and the Chora of Alonissos. Patitiri is the only “major” port to speak of and is also situated on the South West of the island.


Pelagos is a wooded island that offers several very secluded anchorages. The island is perfect for exploring the protected islands to the north (Yioura, Psathoura and Piperi) although because of their protected status, landing is prohibited and you may be restricted to a certain distance from the islands. Originally called Euthyra, Pelagos is also referred to as Kira Panayia. This name is derived from the monastery situated at the peak of a flight of steep steps on the Eastern coast of the island.


Skiathos is the most inhabited of the Northern Sporades and offers an airport as well as ferry connections, anchorages, and ports. The heavily wooded island houses hundreds of thousands of olive trees and thanks to its incredible beaches and beautiful sea it is widely used as a holiday resort. Visitors are encouraged to visit the site of Kastro, the island's capital during medieval times.


Skopelos island houses a unique blend of agriculture (olives, plums, almonds, and walnuts are grown here) with a wealth of convents. The island also enjoys tourists throughout the year. Anchorages and most of the island's features are located across the South and South West coasts. More evidence of Neolithic man can be found here and many of the artefacts discovered can be seen at the Volos Museum.


Skyros is the largest of the islands and has its own airport, though fewer tourists visit this island than Skiathos. There are surprisingly few anchorages because of steep cliffs and inhospitable coastline, but there are numerous bays where you can lay anchor and relax. Much of the island is now used for grazing goats and the growing of olives and walnuts although tourism does still hold a place on the island. Hills and mounts can be found in abundance including Mount Kokhilas (793m), Mount Olympos (399m) and Mount Lofos (316m).