Yacht Charter from Corfu or Lefkas (Levkas)


Waters are easy to intermediate to sail on. Calm sailing conditions that are perfect for beginners and inexperienced crew.

The afternoons are characterised by breezes in the F3-4 range with the wind dissipating by the evening returning the area to those especially quiet conditions the Ionian Islands are famous for.


The Ionian Islands


The Ionian Islands are a collection of seven islands situated to the west coast of Greece. They are popular holiday resorts because they are renowned for their good weather, incredible beaches, beautiful sea, and exquisite villages and scenery.

Corfu at night

Corfu is approximately 60km long by 30km wide and has played a long and important part in Greek history. The first Fine Arts School and University were founded here in Corfu by Lord Guilford. A collection of more than 2 million olive trees form the basis of a surprisingly green and lush landscape, very different to other areas of Greece. While Corfu is a hotspot for tourists, quiet beaches can still be found especially at Kerasis, Evlaki, and St Spiridon. Astonishingly, the cricket pitch opposite Liston Square is the only place in the whole of Greece where cricket is played.



Kefalonia, Kefallonia, Cefallonia, Cefalonia is, in fact, the largest of the Ionian Islands measuring approximately 900km². Argostoli serves as both the main port and the capital of the island. The island itself offers green mountains as well as some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Despite this beauty and its increasing popularity with tourists it is still possible to find remote areas of the island where one can almost completely avoid other people. Kefalonia was the setting for the book Corelli's Mandolin. In 2000, the star studded film saw Sami and the surrounding hills once again thrust into the limelight as its incredible views were shown to millions.

Kythira is undoubtedly one of the most secluded and undiscovered of the Ionian islands. There is a small number of lightly inhabited villages and some tourists do make the journey to Kythira. There are also some excellent ports and very quiet anchorages that make it perfect for the independent sailor.


Lefkada is not one of the larger islands but it is popular with a range of tourists. It is renowned for its watersports while young visitors lap up the nightlife in abundance. Stone Age settlements and remnants have been discovered across the island and this history offers some great sites for interested tourists. The Castle of Agia Mavra is one of few places where major events are hosted.


Paxos, the smallest of the Ionian islands, is also one of the most regularly revisited. The hospitality of the people from Paxos is world-renowned while the Olive groves, vineyards, and breathtaking scenery and wildlife make it a destination to return to.

Beach at Ithaca


Also known as Zante, Zakynthos is one of the busiest tourist areas in Greece. While tourism booms, the mountainous island is largely uninhabited, although it also has one of the largest population growth rates in Greece. Endangered Caretta Caretta turtles and Monk Seals can be seen off the incredible white beaches. Churches and monasteries are found in abundance while every visitor should see the Blue Caves and Shipwreck Beach.