Sailing from Pula


  • Marvel at one of the largest Roman amphitheatres in the world
  • Walk through the ancient Roman Triumphal Arch of the Sergii
  • Wander through underground tunnels in a new gallery from the Austro-Hungarian period, Zerostrasse
  • View the stunning city at a different perspective from the City Walls
  • Walk through the narrow cobbled streets to the Museum of Umag, which houses a valuable collection of ancient artefacts
  • Enjoy panoramic views out to sea from the oldest lighthouse on the Adriatic. Savudrija Lighthouse was built in 1818



  • Wander through the well preserved towers, temples and cathedral within the cultural landmark of the Old Town
  • Visit the impressive Istrian Parliament, an authentic gothic Franciscan church built in the 13th century. The Baroque period interior ceiling is a must see.
  • Concerts at the Euphrasiana bring sweet music to your ear’s throughout the Summer. Enjoy Chamber music in the grand basilica


  • Walk to the Borisi Palace of Funtana known as the Kaštel, set on a hill with great views surrounded by stone alleys and fresh water springs
  • Step back in time through the Old Town where in ancient times salt and limestone was produced
  • Enjoy painting workshops and classical music concerts through out the summer months
  • Relax and swim in the award winning beaches here


  • Wander through the picturesque old fishing town with biking and hiking trails for the whole family
  • Visit the impressive Dušan Džamonja’s Sculpture Park overlooking the sea where giant sculptures reinvent the horizo
  • Peruse the 17th century Church of St. Anthony, built with a Renaissance-Baroque style facade
  • Visit the underworld Baredine Cave where mystical sculptures of nature are very realistic including one of Our Lady


  • Visit the old town church of St. Euphemia which includes impressive paintings of St. Francis of Assissi, and the Holy Virgin Mary
  • View the castle on the island of St. Andrija (now a hotel) was originally a Benedictine Monastery established in the 6th century AD
  • Children and adults alike will love the Batana House Eco Museum combining the boating traditions of life past and present
  • Wander through ‘Zlantni rt’, which is The Golden Cape Forest Park. During the Summer months have a refreshment at one of the 3 restaurants and rent canoes

Brijuni Islands

  • Visit these islands which belonged to Venice in the middle ages and are famous for their scenic beauty and for the Croatian National Park
  • Hunt for dinosaurs on Veliki Brijun Island, where over 200 footprints have been found. This large island is an archaeological playground and homes St. Mary's Church built by the Knights Templar
  • Enjoy a spot of golf with the family or friends in scenic settings
  • Visit the Roman Villa Rustica from the Ist Century B.C. in the Bay of Verige


  • Don't miss the old windmills by the sea
  • Wander around Villa Vižula, a luxurious ancient villa, thought to have been the villa of Emperor Constantine the Great (280 - 337)
  • Watch the ancient play “Crispo”, performed at the site of Villa Vižula, telling the story of an adulterous liaison between Crispus and stepmother Fausta


  • Visit famous landmarks in the Old town with it’s impressive old gates
  • Wander around the 15th Century Parish Church of the Visitation of Mary
  • Visit the site with remains of luxurious ancient thermal spas and grand villas


  • Walk around the beautiful Angiolina park containing plants from the Far East, South America, and Australia enjoying an open air summer concert
  • Visit to the Church of Annunciation of Mary with it’s interesting Neo-Romanesque triple nave structure
  • See the Croatian Walk of Fame representing famous Croatians from the world of sport, art, science and culture
  • Relax after sightseeing at one of the beautiful beaches (Icici, Lovran, Medveja)


  • Visit local galleries in the historical Old Town
  • Photograph amazing views from Frankopanski Kaštel Krk (Castle set within cliffs by the sea)
  • Take a short taxi ferry to Košljun, a tiny island in the south of Krk in the bay of Punat. On the island there is a Franciscan Monastery where Friars still live today


  • Wander through the Old Town of Cres. There is an obvious Venetian influence, impressive town walls and a stone arch built during Venetian rule
  • Visit Lake Vrana, a designated nature park and walk through spotting rare waterbirds in their natural beauty
  • Relax by the old Town harbour of Cres surrounded by small local fishing boats in a picturesque setting
  • Walk to scenic views at Lubenice Village which is perched on a cliffside, with medieval fortress, city walls and city gates


  • Marvel at the dolphins as they swim and jump beside your boat in the bay
  • Enjoy the views with walking paths for everyone
  • Try some Sand Therapy which is an ancient form of relaxation
  • Take in some musical ambience in Osor Town. The ancient theatre is popular with musicians in the Summer


  • Wander around the Old Town with Komrčar Park and the Church of St Mary
  • Catch The Rabska Fjera (Medieval Summer Fair in Rabat runing throughout the summer months)
  • Enjoy Supetarska Draga Island rich in nautical tradition, surrounded by nearby islets full of sandy and pebbly beaches


  • Enjoy walking through this fishing and farming village
  • Cycle around the shoreline covered with Mediterranean Evergreen Macchia Trees and Olive Trees


  • Visit the Underwater Museum on this island opening soon
  • Swim in the picturesque beaches and bays enjoying the sunshine
  • Visit popular landmark Toreta, a small tower with a spiral staircase showing views over the landscape
  • This island is a pollution free environment for cycling and walking


  • Wander around the historical buildings and ruins including the impressive Tower of Kula and the ruins of St.Paul's Church and Monastery
  • Enjoy walking paths with the whole family through the quaint towns and villages to panoramic sea views