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Which type of sailing trips do you offer in Greece? Private charters, Events and Share-A-Yacht

1. Private Charter

This charter is for you if you wish to hire a whole yacht or catamaran for your friends and family on a date specified by you. We can provide a skipper or you can sail yourself if qualified with a licence.

2. Flotillas

These are specific dated events that bring together an international group of people mainly from Australia, Norway and Scotland. Most people are new to sailing and require a skipper. The itinerary covers traditional dining, cultural tours, Wine Tasting and highlights such as our Music Night and Regatta Day. If you can’t fill a boat yourself we have a Share-A-Yacht available for each event. For a list of available events see our Flotilla page.

3. Share-A-Yacht /Cabin Charter

These trips are for small groups or solo travellers interested in meeting new people and making new friends along the way. All costs are shared equally on a per person basis and accommodation is in double cabins. There is a maximum of 8 guests per share-a-yacht with an option of hiring a full cabin to yourself. To make Share-A-Yacht simple for you, our booking confirmations are a guarantee the trip will run. For a list of currently available Share-A-Yacht trips see our Share-A-Yacht page.


What size Yacht do you need?


Cabins-Skipper- Guests in Cabins
Guests using Lounge
Cabin Layout



 Sailing Yacht 2 x Cabs Floorplan



 Sailing Yacht 3 x Cabs Floorplan



 Sailing Yacht 4 x Cabs Floorplan



 Sailing Yacht 5 x Cabs Floorplan



 Catamaran Floorplan





1. Cabin sizes are for illustration purposes only and not to scale. All cabins increase in size as the yacht size increases.

2. Catamarans are available in 4 x Cabins, 5 x Cabins and 6 x Cabins configurations.



What days do your holidays start and finish?

Saturday to Saturday

Our guaranteed charter periods in Greece are Saturday to Saturday. We can offer you a different check in and check out day as long as you pay for the full week. We do offer 3 night share-a-yacht trips that start on Saturdays or Tuesdays. Email us for further information.

How long are we sailing each day?

Approximately 5-6 hours

In Greece you can expect the sailing day to consist of 3 hours in the morning and up to 3 hours after lunch. The yachts will then be moored from approximately 4pm at the destination harbour until 9am the following morning.

How many people can book onto one yacht?

Up to 14 guests

We have yachts and catamarans that can accommodate up to 15 guests each. One of these places will be allocated to the Skipper if you can’t Skipper yourself. For larger groups you can book multiple yachts and sail alongside each other. Our Share-A-Yacht trips use 3 and 4 cabin yachts so accommodate a maximum of 6 or 8 guests per yacht.

I am self-skippering. Which documents do I need?

A Sailing Licence

In Greece you must be in possession of a Sailing licence relative to the size of the yacht chartered.

Can I determine the sailing route?


If you are booking a Private Yacht Charter you will be very involved in choosing the sailing route and places you visit. If there is a specific island you would like to visit during your charter please advise us at Enquiry Stage. If you are on a Share-A-Yacht or a Flotilla Event, the itineraries are already pre-set.

How many yachts and marinas are available?

Over 500 yachts across 14 different marinas

We have more than 500 yachts and catamarans of all types and sizes available in 14 established Marinas throughout the Greek Islands.