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What costs are involved with boating holidays?

There are two costs to be aware of:

1. The 'Charter fee' for your accommodation

The Charter Fee is the majority of the holiday cost and equivalent to your accommodation. Our pricing includes the skipper fee and all yacht related costs so there is nothing more to pay at check-in. This is equivalent to your AirBNB fee, apartment rental, hotel or resort fee and is dependent on the type of boat (yacht or catamaran), size of boat (how many cabins) and onboard features like the number of WCs and if there are other features like airconditioning or a swimming platform.

Our enquiry form sets out what we need to know from you so we can quickly recommend the perfect boat for you on your dream holiday:

"Please include information such as the number of people in your group, which dates and which destination if you have a preference, the age range of guests (helps us recommend the right islands for family onshore activities or not), and whether you need a skipper"

Note: Charter fees are seasonal with mid July to mid August being the peak pricing weeks. We set out everything you need to pay for so there are no surprises at check-in.


2. Yacht running costs

Yacht running costs in Greece will average around EUR 150 for the week. For Catamarans it will be 1.5 - 2 times more depending on where you would like the boat to be parked each evening.

On a private skippered charter the skipper will explain the options available to you during the week.

Note: In every reply we estimate the yacht running costs based on the sailing area you've requested and the size of the yacht.

Mooring Fee types in Greece:

i) Full service Marinas aren't common in Greece but there are some. These are the most expensive.

ii) Local harbours

iii) Anchoring is free

iv) Free mooring options are available at waterfront establishments where you step from the boat almost into the restaurant. It is a free mooring in return for booking a table at their restaurant.

Is the accommodation on the boat?


Every boat is your self-contained apartment and has everything you'd expect to make your stay comfortable. There are beds, hot water showers, toilets, kitchen, refrigeration, lounge, outdoor table and seating for you to enjoy meals outdoors.

The cabins have a wardrobe and shelves for your clothes, main ceiling light, reading light, windows for fresh air and doors that close securely.

Boats don't have a typical cabin layout or floor plan, so for different groups (adults, families with young children or families with teenagers) we will recommend different boats.

It's for this reason we don't recommend booking online, but waiting until you understand the reasons for the right boat for you. You will then be able to make an informed decision and know you have the right boat for your holiday.


Which type of sailing trips do you offer in Greece? Private charters, Flotillas and Share-A-Yacht/Cabin Charter


1. Share-A-Yacht/Cabin Charter

Share-A-Yacht trips are for families with teenagers or solo travellers interested in meeting new people along the way. All of our Share-A-Yacht trips are guaranteed so you can go ahead and book your flights and plan your holidays knowing you can rely on us and our trip to be there. For a list of currently available Share-A-Yacht trips see our Book A Cabin page.

2. Flotillas

These are specific trips and holidays that bring together like-minded guests. All of our flotillas are on skippered yachts or catamarans for guests not wanting to sail themselves. The itinerary covers Island hopping with a new destination every day, dining experiences, and different onshore excursions. We offer Flotillas for 30s & 40sOver 50s Solo Travellers and Families with Teenagers.

3. Private Charter

A Private Charter is what you're looking for to have your own party of family or friends onboard and not sail with a group of other yachts. The date can be specified by you and we provide the yacht or catamaran and one of us as skipper.



What days do your holidays start and finish?

Saturday to Saturday

Our guaranteed charter periods in Greece are from Saturday to Saturday. For private charters we are here for you to check-in and check-out during the Saturday to Saturday range. We do offer 3 night trips depending on availability so email us for further information.

How long are we sailing each day?

Approximately 4-6 hours

In Greece you can expect the sailing day to consist of 2-3 hours in the morning and 2-3 hours after lunch. The yachts will be moored from approximately 4pm at the destination harbour until the following morning.

How many people can book onto one yacht?

Up to 14 guests

in Greece have yachts and catamarans that can accommodate up to 14 guests. For larger groups you can book multiple yachts and sail alongside each other. Our Share-A-Yacht trips use 3 and 4 cabin yachts so accommodate a maximum of 6 or 8 guests per yacht.

I am self-skippering. Which documents do I need?

A Sailing Licence

In Greece you must be in possession of a Sailing licence relative to the size of the yacht chartered.

Can I determine the sailing route?


If you are booking a Private Yacht Charter you will be very involved in choosing the sailing route and places you visit. If there is a specific island you would like to visit during your charter please advise us at Enquiry Stage. If you are on a Share-A-Yacht or a Flotilla Event, the itineraries are already pre-set.

How many yachts and marinas are available?

Over 500 yachts across 14 different marinas

We have more than 500 yachts and catamarans of all types and sizes available in 14 established Marinas throughout the Greek Islands.