Onboard The Yacht

Do I need experience?


There are no requirements for you to have any experience or sailing knowledge if you have hired a Skipper. However, you will need qualifications and experience to skipper yourself.

Do we sleep onboard the yacht?


You will sleep onboard for the duration of your charter. The yachts will be moored from approximately 4pm at the destination harbour until 9am the following morning.

Can I get a yacht with a canopy to shield from the sun?


We can provide yachts that have a bimini which is a canopy over the yacht’s outdoor seating area. How much sun you are exposed to is then entirely up to yourself - sun tan on deck or sit in the shade. Please mention at Enquiry Stage if you require a bimini. There will be no charge for this.

Is there a shower / toilet onboard?


All of our yachts have a WC/Toilet onboard. When you book a whole yacht the number of WCs will be specified during the enquiry. All yachts also have an onboard hot water shower and an outdoor deck shower which is perfect for cooling down.

Can I learn to sail?


If you specifically want to learn to sail please mention this at enquiry stage as we will provide an instructor for you.
The types of learn to sail activities you can be involved in include:

- Knot-tying
- Calculating distances
- Hoisting sails
- Anchoring

You do not need experience or qualifications to learn.

Can we cook onboard?


There is a fully equipped Galley (kitchen) on every yacht and catamaran for preparing breakfast and lunch. Most customers prefer to dine onshore for their evening meal, sampling the local delicacies in authentic and traditional restaurants. You can hire a hostess to cook and clean for you for an additional fee. The hostess will require a berth on the yacht. We also have skipper and hostess teams that can share one cabin between them.

Will I have internet and phone reception?


We are always sailing with land in sight so you have mobile phone reception for most of the holiday. For internet, most bars and cafes have free wifi and some have internet access on computers.

Are the yachts child-friendly and safe?


All yachts meet our strict safety requirements and have lifejackets onboard. We can also provide an additional child safety net to secure the perimeter of the yacht. This is available for a small fee. Please mention this at enquiry stage.