5th August 2018 - Dubrovnik

Boat Name:

Briefing to Guests

  1. Gangplank safety - FIND THE WORDING
  2. Stern/cockpit shower
  3. Hatches/windows – don’t step on
  4. Slippery surfaces
  5. Boom – dangers when sailing
  6. Lifejackets – show where they are and how to wear
  7. Fire extinguishers – explain how to use
  8. Toilets – 3 x 3; explanation with flushing, maximum 3 guests at a time so they can all see how it works, all toilet paper into plastic bags
  9. Gas Switch– show where gas switch is and how to switch on/off
  10. Electrics – Power source; 220volts when connected
  11. Man Overboard – explain procedure if happens; one person pointing, horseshoe, dinghy, approach person in water on the side between wind and boat
  12. Drinking water – bottled, not from yacht supply
  13. Saloon – explain this is skipper sleeping area so needs to be quiet from 12-8am (refer to Yacht rules in the Yacht folder)
  14. Engine On/Off to adults
  15. First Aid Kit - there is onboard
  16. Skipper maintains outside and Guests look after the inside
  17. Anchor dangers
  18. Ropes - do not stand on ropes when the sails are out

Guests Initials