People are turning to us more and more, because they are looking for a trusted advisor for a holiday they may not have done before. With the amount of information available online it can be overwhelming and even if you invest 20 hours researching these holidays you won't have the necessary expertise to confidently answer and decide the following:

1. Which is the right boat for your party (how many people are legally allowed onboard? how many WC/showers are for guest use versus crew use? is the cabin for the skipper included or excluded in published cabin numbers for the website you're reading? what can you expect the running costs to be?)

2. We are the only company with in-depth information about Croatia and Greece for sailing holidays. We only offer these destinations

3. How to compare prices when the yachts have different specifications, and are all local check-in fees included in the price or are you left to work out all the extras and do additional calculations yourself and still not be aware of what can be hidden charges?

4. In-house professional skipper team rather than pot-luck agency skippers

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